Conservation Minnesota



Are your legislators making decisions that protect the Minnesota you love?

Passing our outdoor traditions on to our children, being good stewards of our land and lakes — these are values that Minnesotans share. But are your legislators making decisions that protect what you love about Minnesota?

CheckMyLegislator shows voting history for MN’s elected officials provides the voting history of Minnesota’s elected officials on important conservation issues that affect you and your family. It can help you with the questions “how did my state representative vote” on a conservation issue important to you, or even the question, “who is my state senator?”

The tool helps you find your state representative and state senator and view their voting record on conservation issues. Each legislator’s page shows a record of votes they have taken that impact our lakes, land, and way of life, as well as news items and key speeches they’ve made.

Find committee votes, house votes, senate votes and legislative news

In addition to providing a record of votes, also gives legislative news, committee vote history, and a full record of your specific legislators vote history on conservation issues. Collectively, this can help provide a track record of your legislator’s views on the environment. You can click on each vote for more information about the bill and to see how other legislators voted.

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