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A Message from Max: I need a truck load of ficus


It’s Max A. Moose again.

Believe it or not, the folks here at Conservation Minnesota finally were able to locate a keyboard that is ergonomically designed especially for moose.  It was being sold by a retailer in Canada (go figure) and it just arrived, so I am excited to mention a few things I forgot to bring up in my earlier message.

With the money you donate to us on Give to the Max day, Conservation Minnesota has a whole bunch of really exciting plans.

Things like…

  • Protecting and restoring moose water recreation areas (our clean lakes and rivers),
  • Removing toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde and bisphenol-A, from products for humans,
  • Reducing our dependence on dirty coal energy, so that our air stays clean and my lake has less mercury,
  • Securing research and funding to combat Aquatic Invasive Species, and
  • Helping Minnesotans reduce waste and increase recycling to protect our amazing wildlife habitat (which I find both beautiful and delicious).

So, make your donation to Conservation Minnesota today by clicking HERE!

Well.  That’s it for now.  I snuck into the office tonight to remind you about Give to the Max Day, but I also got a bit hungry and foraged a bit excessively on the office plants, and now I feel I need to have them replaced before anyone shows up here later this morning.

Anyone know where a moose can buy a whole truckload of ficus plants at 2:17 in the morning?

Thanks so much,


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