Conservation Minnesota

Maxed out?


Max the Moose one last time.

While my new keyboard is really awesome, I have broken a few chairs and got stuck in the elevator for nearly an hour today.  And the office plants I bought to replace the ones I snacked on last night are starting to look really tasty.

It is clear that the folks here at Conservation Minnesota are anxious for Give to the Max day to be over.  They want me back in the woods so that I can again focus on my Wildlife Coordinator duties, and also so that they can repair all the things I broke in their office during my extended visit.

And let’s be honest.  No one likes asking for donations.  But it is an important part of what we do, so we have to keep trying.  Any donation you can make will help the folks here enact their mission of protecting the Minnesota we all love.  There are still a few hours left before Give to the Max day comes to a close.

If you haven’t already, just click HERE to make your donation to Conservation Minnesota.

The folks here said they will give me a ride back to my home in the Superior National Forest.  The hockey game is on the radio tonight, and I can’t wait to listen to it as I ride home in style. I’ll miss the city life, but I really can’t wait to get back to my wildlife friends in the north woods.

Think hard, dig deep, and help out this very important organization.  Please give because the work Conservation Minnesota is doing is important to every Minnesotan.

Thanks so much,


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