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A Message from Max: What Max Really Needs


I’m Max, the new Wildlife Coordinator at Conservation Minnesota.  As you may have heard, my biography page on our website has been getting tons of hits lately, and we were really struggling to figure out why.

But thankfully, a few keen observers of that e-mail were able to connect the dots.

Tomorrow is Give to the Max Day.

I’ve only been on staff for a few days, and I’m so honored that Minnesota’s nonprofit community is welcoming this humble Wildlife Coordinator with a day of giving.  Since everyone’s so excited about Give to the Max Day, I thought I would let you know what I need: your support for Conservation Minnesota so that we can protect the Great Outdoors we all love.

The reason I chose to give up my life of leisure walking the woods of Northern Minnesota is that I was inspired by the stories I was overhearing hikers and campers tell about the impact Conservation Minnesota is having on protecting the Minnesota we all love.

They really recognize that while most every Minnesotan is drawn to the natural beauty of this state, and all the outdoors opportunities that it has to offer, the effort to make sure it remains an important issue for our elected officials requires an eternally vigilant champion.

That is why I decided to trade a few of my hours in the woods for a desk job in Minneapolis sending e-mails like this.  For me, typing is a real challenge, (I have already gone through countless keyboards just today), but I truly believe in what we are doing here.

So on Thursday, for Give to the Max Day, please consider making it a true Give-to-the-Max-Day by dedicating some of your donation dollars to your friends here at Conservation Minnesota.  The more you help, the fewer keyboards they will need to buy me, and the more they will be able to concentrate on the real work that is important to every Minnesotan.

Click HERE to schedule your donation for tomorrow!

Thanks so much,


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