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Spotlight: Your Favorite Place in Minnesota

Nearly everyone in Minnesota has a favorite place they go to enjoy the great outdoors around the state.  Be it a park in the middle of the city or a place well off the beaten path, these places are what we look to when we tell the story about why we think Minnesota is such a great place to live.

A partnership between Conservation Minnesota and Lutsen Mountains has been formed to help people tell the stories of the places they find most special in an effort to get more people to expand their travels and take in all that the state has to offer.

The web tool, Minnesota’s Favorite Places allows people to submit descriptions of their favorite places, as well as review the submissions of others. The state map also includes a search tool that allows users to find locations close to where they are, or where they are going, to check out places other people recommend.  The hope of the site is to get more people excited about the great outdoors and committed to helping preserve the abundance of opportunity that exists.

Favorite-Places-Map“I am always hearing from people that there are places I need to see and things I need to do as I travel around the state,” said Paul Austin, Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota. “With this tool, we are harnessing tips from all Minnesotans in an effort to showcase our unique outdoor treasures and to help remind everyone how important it is to protect the Minnesota we all love.”

And as one of the premier locations for outdoor recreation in the state, Lutsen seemed to be the ideal partner for promoting this site.

“Lutsen Mountains is proud to be the sole corporate sponsor of the Favorite Places feature on Conservation Minnesota’s website,” said Jim Vick, Marketing Director at Lutsen Mountains. “Our commitment is to be one of your favorite places, and we know Minnesotans love their out-of-doors and exploring this great state.”

Minnesotans of all walks of life are encouraged to check out the site, and to submit entries, and if possible photos, for their favorite places. They need not be exotic locations, but more diversity in the submissions received, the better a resource it will become for everyone who comes to use the site.

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