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Summer 2013 Newsletter: Karen Janice Johnson

Karen Janice JohnsonCM: Was there a specific event or point in time where you decided protecting the environment was a priority for you?

KJJ: I grew up a city kid with the camping scene a big part of my life:  day camp, vacation camping, residence camp, counselor, program director, day camp director, and 20 years of taking 5th and 6th graders to several of our state’s environmental learning centers. The environmental education hook was set at an early age.

CM: Do you have a favorite place in Minnesota?

KJJ: My most favorite and comfortable place in Minnesota is my lake place of 42 years. It is located on a small, quiet, pristine lake near Hackensack, MN. The sunfish eat oatmeal out of my hand at the end of my dock, and several of the state’s biking and hiking trails are close by.  Snowshoe, cross country ski, and snowmobile trails are endless. Deep Portage Conservation Center with its wide variety of programs and activities is just down the road, and after a hard day of fishing, lake or land activities, both winter and summer, a hot sauna with a jump in the lake or snow bank makes one feel both invigorated and relaxed. What more do you want in Minnesota, except maybe a campfire and a guitar?

CM:  Is there a specific accomplishment or environmental win that you are most proud of?

KJJ:  I believe all pro environmental legislation is important. Working together is even more so. Divided we fall. The one right thing the people and legislators did for the good of everyone was the passage of the Legacy Fund Bill. Now, I hope we can keep it headed for true environmental issues.

CM: Why do you choose to support Conservation Minnesota?

KJJ:  The Minnesota environment, culture, and legislature are all entwined necessities for everyone and the quality of all our lives.  I help support Conservation Minnesota’s efforts to keep the conservation ethic headed in the direction of helping both our environment and our citizens.

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