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Summer Along Superior Shores

JohnHellandbiopicSometimes one gets lucky in planning a summer sojourn.  In last week’s oppressive heat, we had booked the time along a section of Lake Superior’s coastline.

Figuring it would be ten degrees cooler, along with a nice lake breeze, it basically turned out that way.  One could even swim in the lake’s cool waters.

Of course, Superior has concerns.  A lower water level has occurred in recent years; and the water has been warming.  These developments have some scientists alarmed over possible long-term trends.

You wonder, given the size and depth of Superior, if the lake can overcome any cause for alarm.  The lake has an average depth of 500 feet, with enough water to cover all of North and South America at least one foot deep.

It contains an astonishing 10 percent of all the fresh water in the world.  The shoreline alone is long enough to stretch from Duluth to the Bahama Islands.

Superior truly is an amazing resource that must be continually monitored and protected.  This thought was with us the whole time we enjoyed its waters and cooling winds.

Minnesotans should be very thankful that a good part of the great lake runs along our border, and is available to cool us down during the dog days of summer.

About John Helland

John Helland
John Helland is a history graduate of the University of Minnesota. He served as the nonpartisan legislative research analyst for the Minnesota House of Representatives after graduation. He worked extensively on environment and natural resources legislation and issues, and was the primary nonpartisan research staffer for the House Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance committees from 1971 to 2008.
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Carol Lee Baudler says:

Nice to see you John! Thanks for continuing great work! We are moving back to Minnesota in August!