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Winter 2014 Newsletter: Your Priorities, Our Mission

SkiKidsThumbnailThere are more than 10,000 good reasons to love Minnesota.  What’s yours?  At Conservation Minnesota, your reasons matter.  We protect the Minnesota you love by tackling our state’s most important conservation problems.  But we can’t succeed at our mission unless we hear what is most important to you.

In the coming weeks, we will be conducting our annual issue survey. What we learn about your opinions and priorities will guide our work in 2015.  It’s easy for you to help.  When you receive our survey in your mailbox or inbox, please take two minutes to fill it out.  Even better, why not fill out the survey online right now.

Throughout the last several years over 25,000 Minnesotans like you have participated in the survey and provided important insight to inform the decisions of our staff and board of directors.  Their insight led to tangible changes in our programs and services this year.

Many Minnesotans have told us they are concerned about Minnesota’s dependence on burning coal for electricity and its pollution that is linked to mercury in our lakes, childhood asthma, and heart disease.  So we have expanded our work with communities to increase our use of healthy, renewable energy.

Thank you for playing such an important part in our work.  Together, we can make sure the lakes, lands and way of life that all Minnesotans cherish can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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