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Winter 2015 Newsletter: Finding Safer Products

Conservation Minnesota is part of a nationwide effort called Mind the Store that urges our largest retailers to use their market clout to eliminate the worst chemicals in the products they sell. These chemicals are associated with increased risks of reproductive and developmental problems, cancer, and other health conditions.

So how are local favorites Target and Best Buy doing? We are happy to report that these Minnesota companies are moving forward on the path to safer chemicals and sustainable products.Receipts

Target has adopted a Sustainable Product Index to rate beauty, baby care, personal and feminine care, and cleaning product lines. The index scores products according to the safety of ingredients, environmental impact, and green certifications. They have also launched their “Made to Matter” product collection, featuring sustainable and socially responsible brands that include products like ice cream, cleaners, soaps, housewares, baby wipes, and more.

Best Buy now sells a television (Insignia 32” and smaller) without flame retardants in the plastic enclosure. They achieved a significant reduction in flame retardant use by designing a new external power source. Best Buy also replaced their thermal receipt paper with a BPA/BPS-free alternative to protect their cashiers and customers alike. BPA and BPS, used in most thermal receipt paper, are hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin when handling receipts.

This progress is good news for all Minnesota consumers!

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