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It’s Time to Give

It has been a really fun week here at Conservation Minnesota.

While I am no fan of alarm clocks (I seem to keep breaking them when trying to hit the snooze button) and the weird chemicals found in all your indoor lakes for some reason have started to turn my belly fur white, I feel like we have gotten a lot of work done.

Which is why it is important, as the clock runs down on Give To The Max Day, to please do what you can to help us out.

Speaking of stuff in our water, when Governor Dayton announced his proposal to require buffer strips in Minnesota, Conservation Minnesota went to work to help pass this important legislation. As a moose, I fully support buffer strips – these areas provide a smorgasbord of tasty plants! But more important for all of us in Minnesota, no matter how much fur you have, is that buffers protect rivers and streams from sediment and nutrient run-off.

During a special session of the Minnesota legislature, Governor Dayton’s buffer bill was passed with the help of Conservation Minnesota and the thousands of comments from our members to their elected officials. It is this sort of innovation that makes Conservation Minnesota so successful. And it is why I hope you will think about funding them during the final stretch of Give To The Max Day.

Thanks for reading all these emails from me. I’ve had a great time sharing my experiences with Conservation Minnesota staff and spotlighting all of the great work being done by the organization. So much fun, I think I’ll stick around the office for a few more weeks. I hear the holidays are a lot of fun in Minneapolis.

About Max A. Moose

Max A. Moose

Hailing from a small patch of forest near the Laurentian Divide outside of Isabella, Minnesota, Max brings an interesting skill set to his role with Conservation Minnesota. Raised quite literally by wolves, Max earned a Bachelor of Science degree in winter survival with a minor in arboreal herbaceous foraging from Superior National Forest University. Max serves as Conservation Minnesota’s Wildlife Coordinator. In this role he is responsible for making the voices of Minnesota’s wildlife species heard.

A perfect day in Max’s world is a short hike down to Lake Gegoka with a picnic of aquatic plants and a few pinecones thrown in for good measure. While he tends to spend as much time as he can in the woods, Max does like to sneak into the outskirts of town every now and again for an occasional round of people watching.

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