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Spring 2016 Newsletter: The “To-Do” List

iStock_000027439198_XXXLargeAfter the Governor’s Water Summit and amid the start of the state legislative session, clean water should be at the top of our state’s “to-do” list.

At Conservation Minnesota, we understand Minnesotans want all our waters to meet basic water quality standards. We should have lakes and rivers in all communities that are fishable and swimmable. And everyone should be ensured safe drinking water.

It is important that the 2016 bonding bill provides funding for many communities across Minnesota to upgrade outdated and ineffective wastewater treatment equipment. These improvements will ensure that water returning to our lakes and rivers has been treated using the most up-to-date technology.

This year, there are also opportunities to clean up and protect our water in Minnesota. Funding is proposed to permanently clean up key parts of the St. Louis River in Northeastern Minnesota after decades of pollution. The state is also making critical decisions to effectively implement our new law that requires buffers to keep polluted runoff from entering our lakes, rivers, and streams.

We can’t stop until all our waters are clean and safe. That’s why Conservation Minnesota is urging state leaders to make a Clean Water Promise to Minnesotans by setting a clear goal of clean water across all of Minnesota by 2050. We need your help to turn this goal into reality.

Add your name to the list of Clean Water Promise supporters here.

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