Conservation Minnesota

Thank you for helping to increase recycling in Minnesota!

This year, the Minnesota Legislature took important steps toward increasing recycling in Minnesota. In recent years, recycling rates in Minnesota have stagnated, and Conservation Minnesota has actively worked to promote policies and legislation that will reduce waste going to landfills and encourage recycling.

We are delighted to report that this year, the Legislature and Governor Dayton enacted new legislation that requires commercial buildings in metropolitan counties to begin recycling by January 2016. (Senate SF663, House SF663)

This important new law was successfully guided through the legislative process by bill authors Representative Frank Hornstein and Senator John Marty, and their leadership was invaluable. Please take a minute to thank them for their leadership by clicking here.

Also key to this success was the support of so many of you who contacted your legislators to urge them to support increased recycling. Thank you for playing such an important role in this success!

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