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Are you ready for Election Day?

Tomorrow is Election Day and I wanted to provide you with some handy information to make the day easy and smooth.

Because you are a Minnesotan and are reading this, I am sure you are the kind of person who votes regularly, but sometimes life can get in the way of showing up at the polls.  As you prepare for Election Day, research shows that the best way to make sure you don’t miss your opportunity is to ask yourself these questions ahead of time:

  • What time of day do you think you’ll vote?  Where will you be coming from at that time?
  • How will you get there?
  • Will you go with someone, or vote by yourself?
  • Will your children be with you?  Do you have someone to watch them?
  • Do you know where you vote?  Check here if you’re not sure.

By answering these questions today, you can be sure you cast your vote tomorrow!  Here are some other helpful items:

  • Are you registered to vote at your current location?  If not you can register on Election Day.  Here is some great information on same day registration.
  • Most Minnesota polling places open at 7 a.m. and all polls close at 8 p.m.  If you are in line at 8 p.m. you have the right to vote and cannot be asked to leave or told that you are too late.
  • Need a Sample Ballot?  Here you go!
  • Do you know your legislator’s record on conservation issues?  You can learn about their votes by checking out

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.  I hope you have a happy, safe, and smooth Election Day, tomorrow, November 4th.

About Paul Austin

Paul Austin

Paul Austin has 23 years of public service as an elected leader, advocate and political strategist, Paul Austin brings a rare combination of skills and experience to his position as Executive Director. At age 25, Paul was elected Mayor of Clinton, Connecticut – the youngest in state history. Paul has served as Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota since 2004.

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