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Winter 2015 Newsletter: Preserving Our Traditions

Family_sleigh_rideAs the seasons change and the snow begins to fall we reflect on family traditions and begin preparing for a New Year. At Conservation Minnesota it has become our tradition to ask Minnesotans, like you, what conservation areas they care about. As our Board of Directors and staff begin preparing for 2016, we need your help.

We work to protect the Minnesota YOU love, but we can’t succeed in our mission unless we hear what’s most important to you. Please join the over 25,000 Minnesotans who have already told us which issues are important to them.

Is protecting water quality important to you to ensure your annual fishing trips can always happen? Or maybe your family visits the same state park each year and you want to know that park will be well taken care of for the next generation of campers.

Whatever your reasons, we’d like to know, and that’s why we’ve made it easy to participate in the annual Conservation Interest Survey.

A few weeks ago many of you should have received the survey in the mail. If you’ve already completed the survey and put it back in the mail, thank you! If not, please take a minute to locate the survey and fill it out. No postage is necessary – just drop it in the mail. Or if you would prefer, you can complete it online at In just minutes you’ll have made a difference for Minnesota.

We hope you’ll add the Conservation Interest Survey to your list of annual traditions. By working together, we can protect our lakes, land, and way of life and preserve family traditions for generations to come.

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