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Bookkeeping & Data Specialist

Bookkeeping & Data Specialist position PDF

At Conservation Minnesota, we are committed to building an inclusive workplace and environmental movement. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome individuals with a variety of experiences, perspectives, and abilities. Applicants from non-traditional backgrounds, underrepresented groups, or historically marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Our preferred candidate will have a range of bookkeeping experience, particularly for a smaller organization
  • Part-time, non-exempt, with co-defined flexible scheduling available
  • Reports to Finance & Operations Director, other staff includes Administrative Assistant
  • Generous Paid Time Off (PTO) available
  • 401k Savings Plan with 4% company match
  • $20 per hour, 10–15 hours per week with flexibility to ramp up to 20 hours during busy times
  • Our office is located near the light rail and Gold Medal Park in Downtown Minneapolis
  • Remote office hours during COVID-19 pandemic conditions
  • Other benefits include: transportation/parking stipend for in-office work, remote office set up and support, and technology stipend

Why this job is important

In Minnesota, our 10,000 lakes, natural resources, and four distinct seasons define our lives. The Great Outdoors is where many of our most cherished memories with family and friends are created. Passing our experiences and traditions to the next generation and being good stewards of our lakes and land are values we all share. At Conservation Minnesota, we protect the Minnesota you love by solving our state’s most important conservation problems. 

Understanding the unique interests of individual Minnesotans helps us have a greater impact. In addition to focusing the efforts of each member on issues that motivate them, it allows us to demonstrate how different issues are interconnected, just like nature itself. Our members learn that other seemingly unrelated conservation priorities connect naturally to their concerns and provide new opportunities to make a difference. This unique approach to public engagement has made us the state’s fastest growing conservation organization, expanding our network from 5,000 to over 100,000 people since 2012.

We’re actively looking for a colleague to help us keep things moving behind the scenes. You’ll play a central role in the Finance & Operations Department, using your detailed eye to accurately account for the books, the foundation for our operations.

How You Will Be Spending Your Time

  • You will be supporting the work of Conservation Minnesota’s Finance & Operations Department by performing daily, monthly and annual bookkeeping responsibilities.
  • You will be continuously bridging the data stream between the Program and Development departments and the Finance department, with the upkeep and maintenance of donation records in our member database.
  • In an average week, you will be updating the accounting system for receipts and expenditures, managing invoice approval, coding, and payment, and will be depositing checks remotely, using an automatic scanner.
  • You also have the opportunity to participate in the all-staff weekly huddle and share what you will be working on during the upcoming week. This provides an opportunity to connect with the co-workers you may need assistance from so they can integrate that into their work plan.
  • On a bi-monthly basis, you will assist in payroll processing by setting deadlines for staff timesheet reporting and entering data into the payroll system.
  • Each month, you will participate in the All Staff Monthly Meeting and assist with month close processes.
  • Annually, you will lend your detailed talents to the audit, helping to pull data for review and preparing letters to major donors and foundations, confirming their gifts to our organization.

What You’re Good At

Listening First & Building Trust

  • You start your relationships by trying to understand the goals and concerns of team members and external partners.
  • By both listening and reflecting what you learn in your actions, you build trusting relationships that power long term and successful partnerships with all those you work with, both internally and externally, and particularly with those who may not identify as part of the traditional environmental community.
  • You are strategic and know how to prioritize what should be accomplished and why.

Common Ground

  • You actively work to bring people and processes together to find equitable solutions and build community among those you work with.
  • You approach your work with optimism and embrace possibility. 
  • You are an effective communicator and open to sharing ideas to bridge differences.

Collaborative Innovation

  • You are not trapped by past practice. Instead, you work with others across departments and with key external partners in a constant state of creativity, experimentation, challenging assumptions, learning, and growth.
  • You are energized by innovation and teamwork.
  • You are nimble, highly effective, and open to change.

Equity & Democracy in Action

  • You believe in the inherent value and potential of every person.
  • You are committed to equity and have passion for using the tools of democracy to make lasting and systemic change to improve people’s lives.
  • You are dedicated to fostering civic engagement and your lived values reflect working toward a healthy environment for future generations. 

Lifelong Leadership

  • You know leadership can come from any position in the organization and are committed to sharing both leadership and credit with others.
  • You understand the spark that is lit when a person first realizes they can have a positive impact on others, in their own community, or half-way around the world.
  • You seek to ignite and cultivate that spark of leadership, first in yourself, and then in Minnesotans of every age, ethnicity and community through a shared love for the people and places that define our home state.

What you have done

The best candidate for this position is someone who has progressive experience with:

  • FundEZ accounting system (or other fund based accounting system, especially knowledge of debits and credits)
  • Salesforce Database system
  • Intricate knowledge of non-profit accounting rules and regulations

A Little More About You

The Conservation Minnesota team is small but mighty, working collaboratively and energetically to advance multiple priorities simultaneously. The best fit for Conservation Minnesota is someone who might describe themselves as:

  • Passionate, hardworking, and self-motivated
  • Easygoing, always taking the mission more seriously than themselves
  • Focused, thriving on deadline-driven work in a relaxed environment
  • Flexible, comfortable navigating uncertainty and adapting to change
  • Strategic, identifying and balancing short- and long-term risks and benefits
  • Data savvy, able to interpret quantitative data to inform qualitative strategies
  • Risk tolerant, open to trying new ideas, able to learn from mistakes, and continuously improving your work
  • Confident, yet humble, comfortable inspiring others and leading a team, as you are presenting to large audiences and influential leaders
  • Curious, never satisfied until you have explored numerous possibilities and perspectives

Applying For This Job

To apply for this job, email a digital PDF file of your resume and an introductory cover letter to the Hiring Team at Your introduction should be no longer than two pages and should address the following questions:

  • Why are you passionate about Conservation Minnesota’s mission to protect the Minnesota you love?
  • In what ways do areas of difference in your background and experience influence how you approach your work?
  • How have you previously demonstrated the courage to take calculated risks in pursuing results, while learning from both your successes and failures?
  • In what kind of work environment are you most productive as a team member and colleague?

Application deadline: February 1, 2021
You may email questions to if necessary.