Conservation Minnesota

Coors Partnership Helps Save Lakes

Whether you like to fish, boat, swim, or just sit on the dock, our waters define life in Minnesota. Water is also the most important ingredient of beer, so this summer, Coors Light partnered with Conservation Minnesota to protect the lakes, rivers, and other natural water sources that Minnesotans rely on for recreation and refreshment.

With your help, Coors Light will be donating up to $100,000 to Conservation Minnesota this year. Your Coors Light purchases this past summer and #beersaveslakes tweets through the end of the year will help preserve our lakes.

Throughout the coming year we will put this money to good use through a number of key initiatives.

First, we will work to continue to gather support for our Clean Water Promise, which includes a list of clear and achievable goals. The goals of the Clean Water Promise are:

  • By 2020, state and local officials will have the information, tools, and authority necessary to conserve and sustainably manage the quantity of water in our lakes, streams, and groundwater reserves.
  • By 2025, Minnesotans will enjoy lakes and rivers that have 95% less plastic pollution.
  • By 2030, every Minnesotan will be drinking safe, non-polluted water.
  • By 2040, Minnesota will protect children from mercury pollution. Individuals, business, and industries in our state will have stopped adding mercury to our lakes.
  • By 2050, Minnesotans will have peace of mind knowing that every one of our lakes is safe for swimming. Currently polluted lakes will be cleaned up, and our most pristine lakes will be protected for future generations to experience.

Second, we will use these funds to help educate water conscious Minnesotans through hands on seminars during our State of Water Conference happening April 14-15 in Alexandria, MN.

Last but very much not least, our work is all related. We are:

  • Reducing mercury levels in our water by working to reduce coal-burning power plants.
  • Working to remove microbeads from our water to keep toxic chemicals out of the fish we eat.
  • Working to give communities the authority to clean up local water supplies by limiting the nitrate fertilizer in areas where it impacts drinking water.
  • And always looking for ways to do more.

Minnesota’s lakes and rivers are our most vital natural resources. They define our history, our livelihoods, and our future. Through simple, everyday actions, we are able to not only help improve water quality, but our quality of life as well.

Thanks to you and Coors Light, we can continue to protect the waters that make Minnesota extraordinary.