About the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment

The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment icon, displayed here, designates all sites and activities that have received funding from the Legacy Amendment. On Conservation Minnesota’s Favorite Places website, places that have received funding will feature the logo. You can also search just for places that have been supported by the Legacy Amendment. A line or two about how each location has benefitted from funding can be found at the bottom of each page in italics.

Want to know more about the Legacy Amendment?

In November of 2008, Minnesotan voters overwhelmingly passed the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. The Legacy Amendment increased the state sales tax by three-eighths of one percent for 25 years. The revenue is divided between four funds: 33% for the Clean Water Fund, 33% to the Outdoor Heritage Fund for wildlife habitat, 19.75% to the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, and 14.25% to the Parks and Trails Fund.

Learn even more about the Legacy Amendment at www.legacy.leg.mn.