Conservation Minnesota

Questions To Ask Your Candidates

When candidates and campaigns come knocking on your door this election season, here are some conservation questions to consider asking them:

Clean Water

  • Over 40% of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers are impaired by pollution. Will you support setting clear deadlines in law to ensure safe drinking water by 2025 and clean lakes and rivers by 2050?
  • Testing shows that unsafe levels of nitrate pollution from fertilizer has been found in some Minnesotans’ drinking water. Do you support giving communities the authority to regulate fertilizer use to protect their drinking water?

Clean Energy

  • Will you support a new law called “Clean Energy First” that requires utilities to make investments in clean energy, and only use fossil fuels when renewable options do not meet cost or reliability standards?
  • Will you support increasing the Renewable Energy Standard to 50% by the year 2035?


  • 30% of the Solid Waste Management Tax revenue does not fund local recycling programs. Will you support rededicating this revenue to improve local recycling and reduce solid waste?

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