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A Passionate Request about Climate Change

Finn is correspondent Kristin Eggerling’s 11 years old son. He enjoys writing, fishing, reading, performance arts, swimming and riding his bike. This week he’s taking his mom’s place and writing his own thoughts.

The Earth…Save It
By Finn Eggerling

People need to change their behavior to slow global warming or the Earth and all of its contents will die. We, humans, have caused this big issue and we have to stop it. We have to make a change otherwise our future is dim.

If we did prevent global warming, what would come out of it? Well, humans and animals might live longer, be safer, and live happier. Our friends and family would be able to grow up and be what they desire and work for, as would you. In all, everyone and everything will have a better future if we prevent further climate change.

If we DON’T stop global warming, there will be a whole new future. Down the road, we will have horrible problems. By 2040, the Arctic is supposed to face an ice-free summer. Animals such as seals, polar bears, whales, penguins, and foxes will suffer and endure our issues. Global warming is affecting our world in a harmful and painful way. Some people are trying to sequester the truth, but the word needs to be spread.

How can we stop global warming? There are so many ways to carry through with a great plan. First, we could all sign nationwide petition to stop harmful doings like littering, polluting, chemical spilling, and throwing trash into bodies of water. If we stopped driving our car and other vehicles all of the time, the air would be so much cleaner. We need to stop throwing away all things instead of recycling. We also need to throw trash into trash cans instead of throwing things on the street. It is vital to our animals safety. We also are wasting valuable resources such as coal, petroleum, uranium ores, and natural gases. They take thousands of millions of years to reform. It will be helpful in the long run.

Everyone should take care of the Earth as much as possible. We have taken for granted the Earth’s resources and values. We need to give back to the world. Our lives depend on rebuilding the Earth’s natural beauty right back up. If we lose it we will die painfully and desperately. We take light, food, shelter, water, space, and much more from our world. If we do help it, we will get a better life. People, young or old, help save the Earth.

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