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CM Press Release: Bi-Partisan Panel Created To Address Conservation Issues

MINNEAPOLIS — A panel of prominent Minnesotans of all political stripes will be focusing their efforts on conservation issues as part of a Strategic Advisory Panel recently created by Conservation Minnesota.

Leaders from all sides of the aisle jumped at the opportunity to help address concerns that unite Minnesotans.  “Stewardship of our lakes, lands, and way of life is a core value in our state,” said Paul Austin, Conservation Minnesota’s Executive Director.  “But even in areas where most people agree, polarization at the Capitol makes having the right team and the right strategy more important than ever.”

Members of the new panel include Former U.S. Senator Dave Durenburger, Former Congressman Jim Ramstad, Former Governor Arne Carlson, Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson, Former House Speakers Dee Long and Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Former Senators Steve Kelley and Jane Krentz, Former House Members Ray Cox and Dennis Ozment, Former PCA Commissioners Peter Gove and Paul Aasen, Former Gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner and long time Environment Committee Staff John Helland.

“This group will be a tremendous resource in addressing key conservation issues,” said Austin.  “The wisdom and experience of these individuals should help us better slice through the political vines that have been known to entangle progress in protecting the things we all love about Minnesota.”

Strategic Advisors will meet at key points during the year to shape legislative initiatives. issue campaigns and public education efforts.  Information about the new panel is available at

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