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CM Press Release: College of St. Benedict Challenges Community To Help Collect Beverage Containers To Promote Recycling


April 24,  2012

College of St. Benedict Challenges Community To Help Collect Beverage Containers To Promote Recycling

(St. Joseph) – Visitors to the College of St. Bennedict (CSB) will have a chance to help continue the college’s sustainability efforts by depositing any pop or water bottles they purchase in one of the many recycling bins located throughout campus.

Conservation Minnesota is offering a bounty of ten cents on the first 10,000 cans and bottles collected by the CSB Office of Sustainability the week of April 23rd through April 27th.  On Friday at noon, the CSB Office of Sustainability will be joined by Conservation Minnesota at an event in Mary Commons to announce the results. The organization plans to use the proceeds from the event to help fund their many earth saving projects.

The challenge is part of an ongoing effort by the Conservation Minnesota to garner support for legislation currently under consideration by the Legislature that would put a ten-cent deposit on all cans and bottles in an effort to encourage increased recycling. The college is one of only twelve colleges across the country that has banned water bottles on campus, and so they will really need the community to pitch in by bringing their pop cans and bottles to campus.

“In Minnesota, we recycle only 35 percent of the beverage containers we purchase,” said Paul Austin, Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota. “If lawmakers were to enact this law, we would suddenly have a simple and convenient way to more than double our recycling rate and keep these containers out of our parks, lakes, and landfills.”

The promotion is an effort to raise awareness about the proposed legislation and spur participants to contact their legislators and further the conversation about the legislation.

More information about the Recycling Refund can be found here:

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