Conservation Minnesota

Investing in Minnesota’s Great Outdoors

Photo by Rosie Momma PhotographyWe are Minnesotans. We are lake-loving, trail-hiking, fishing, camping, birding, biking, boating Minnesotans. And whether you’d classify yourself as Blue or Red, one of the great things about Minnesota is that we all care about our Great Outdoors, our lakes, rivers and waterways, and our wildlife and habitats.

Our Great Outdoors is where we come together; boating with friends, ice fishing with the grandkids, heading up North for a weekend at the cabin. The list goes on! These Minnesota traditions and values show up in communities across the state, and Conservation Minnesota is using these shared values to bring people together, find common ground and work on real solutions.

At Conservation Minnesota, we focus on the problems Minnesotans have told us are their priorities. Issues like renewable energy, recycling, and wildlife converge and connect, and we will continue to use your input to guide our work.

Will you help protect the Minnesota you love with a gift of $10, $20, $50 or more?

Our Great Outdoors is the place where we can come together and continue to make progress. Your investment in our work makes that possible. What kind of Minnesota do you want to deliver to future generations?

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