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Press Release: Minnesotans Ask Dayton To Back EPA’s New Carbon Standard

MINNEAPOLIS — A petition is expected to reach Governor Dayton’s desk today calling on him to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s recently announced Clean Power Plan.

Minnesota is known nationally for the state’s efforts to curb the production of carbon in its power plants. The new EPA standards would allow the state to continue its progress to keep even more carbon pollution from being created.

Coal-burning power plants are responsible for one-third of the carbon pollution in Minnesota and more than half the mercury pollution in the state’s lakes and rivers. According to the American Lung Association, coal pollution poses a serious health risk to Minnesotans, it is responsible for premature deaths, higher risks of asthma attacks and respiratory disease, as well as heart attacks. And as Minnesota’s renewable energy economy continues to grow, this is a great opportunity for the state to get out ahead of the curve, and turn this opportunity into a financial benefit for all Minnesotans.

“We have done a pretty admirable job at cutting carbon emissions in this state by way of the Renewable Energy Standard, which helped ensure a greater mix of renewable sources for our energy production,” said Paul Austin, Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota. “And since we already have this experience, we need to embrace the opportunities provided by this new national standard to make Minnesota a national leader in renewable energy development.”

In all, 6,353 signatures were presented to the governor today asking him to support the Clean Power Plan on behalf of all Minnesotans. Citizens can still sign the petition at

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