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CM Press Release: Bring plastic bottles and cans to promote recycling, help Duluth students

Duluth students are collecting 10,000 bottles and cans for the Recycling Refund bottle drive to earn up to $1000.  Conservation Minnesota Voter Center challenged students at Congdon and Proctor schools to collect recyclables as part of a public awareness campaign for the Recycling Refund bill that is now being discussed at the Minnesota Capitol.

Duluth students recycle more than 3,000 beverage containers per week.   Edina High’s Project Earth Club will collect those through Thursday, May 12, and receive a check from Conservation Minnesota Voter Center for 10 cents per container.  At a similar event in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, the Project Earth group at Edina High collected enough cans and bottles to make a pile 10’x10’ tall and earn $1,000 while students at Edina’s Valley View Middle School gathered more than 5,000 bottles and earned $500.  If the Recycling Refund bill passes the legislature this session, plastic, glass bottles and aluminum containers would be worth 10 cents statewide.

Anyone who brings plastic bottles or aluminum cans to Congdon or Proctor schools will earn 10 cents per container for the schools.   The collection period ends at 11 am, May 12th at Congdon School and 1 p.m. at Proctor, when the containers will be counted and the checks will be awarded.

More information about the Recycling Refund can be found here:

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