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CM Press Release: Bring plastic bottles and cans to promote recycling, help RNeighbors tree planting

(Rochester) Anyone who brings plastic bottles or aluminum cans to this weekend’s tree planting event will help The Rochester Neighborhood Resource Center (RNeighbors) reach their goal of raising $1,000 for new trees in the city.  RNeighbors hopes to collect 10,000 cans and bottles. Conservation Minnesota Voter Center challenged the group to collect recyclables as part of a public awareness campaign for the Recycling Refund bill that is now being discussed at the Minnesota Capitol.

At the April 16th Rochester Think Green Fair, area residents donated more than 3,000 beverage containers.  The drive ends this Saturday as RNeighbors reaches their goal and receives a check for 10 cents per container.  At a similar event in Austin, the Austin Coalition for Environmental Sustainability (ACES) collected enough cans and bottles to make a pile 10’x10’ tall and earn $1,000.  If the Recycling Refund bill passes the legislature this session, plastic, glass bottles and aluminum conainers would be worth 10 cents statewide.

People with plastic beverage bottles and aluminum cans may drop off their containers from 9am to 12pm near the RNeighbors stage and picnic area located outside the Watson Sports Complex (1000 Essex Parkway NW, Rochester).

The tree planting begins at 9 am and concludes with the Conservation Minnesota check presentation to RNeighbors at 12:30. There is no pre-registration needed, and the event is free and open to all ages.  Folks are encouraged to bring their own shovel marked with their name.

More information about the Recycling Refund can be found here:

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