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CM Press Release: Minnesota Legislators receive coal as tokens of feelings about energy standards bill

“Coal is the gift that keeps on giving,” says clean energy advocates

BACKGROUND: HF72/SF86 would rollback the standards for power plants to allow coal-fired burning without mitigation for pollution.  This standard was set by the 2007 Renewable Energy Act, a bi-partisan effort signed by then Governor Tim Pawlenty.  University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus students are taking their Campus Beyond Coal campaign to the president to move the institution’s steam plant off coal power.  In FY 09 the University used 38,740 tons of coal.

WHAT: A Minnesota Gopher will be hosting an outdoor cooking show, baking cookies with the current fuel mixture, which contains coal, burned at the U of M’s Southeast Steam Plant.  Bruce Nilles and student spokespeople will be on hand to answer questions after the event.

WHO: Rep. Joe Atkins (DFL- Inver Grove Heights); Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL – Minneapolis); Michael Noble, Fresh Energy; Barb Freese, Union of Concerned Scientists

WHERE: State Capitol, Room 125

WHEN: Monday, March 14th, 10-11:00 am

VISUALS: 201 gift boxes of coal for legislators

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