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CM Press Release: RNeighbors Earn $1,000 For Recycling Efforts

Rochester’s Neighborhood Resource Center (RNeighbors) earned $1,000 for its spring greening event and showed that beverage containers can be a resource rather than a waste at the landfill.

RNeighbors and its volunteers set out to collect 10,000 cans and bottles at two of their spring events. Hundreds of RNeighbors volunteers and community members pitched in with cans and bottles at the Think Green Fair and Spring Tree Planting.  For their efforts, the Conservation Minnesota Voter Center on Saturday presented RNeighbors Executive Director Rene Jones Lafflam and Board Chairman Bob Nowicki with a check for $1,000.

The project was created to bring attention to Minnesota Recycling Refund Act-a bill currently being considered by the Minnesota Legislature.  The bill would place a refund on all cans and bottles in an effort to reward recycling.  In Michigan where a similar law is in place, the statewide recycling rate for their beverage cans and bottles is 97 percent.  Minnesota currently recycles around 35 percent.

“We’re excited that RNeighbors and the Rochester community took up our challenge, and collected so many cans and bottles,” Said CMVC Executive Director Paul Austin.  “If we can get this bill passed, there will be a great opportunity for RNeighbors and other groups to do similar fund raising drives that will benefit not only them, but also the environment,”

More information about the Recycling Refund can be found here:

For more information, or for pictures of the campaign, please contact Liz McLoone at 507.254.9249 or

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