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A Store That Promises 138 Shelves of Organic Food and Products

Eating gluten free and organic can make grocery shopping interesting.  In fact, I often end up going to two or three different grocery stores for one week’s worth of food to get all the items I want.  I am still learning where all the items I need are located within each store I frequent.  Getting the food my body needs can feel like a treasure hunt at times!

But what if I could go to store where everything was organic and I had more than one aisle of food to choose from?  Wouldn’t that be convenient?  And what if at that very same grocery store I could also get my hair done and pick up some gluten-free shampoo to boot?  Well, this is what Shelly Bartlett, owner of future Mankato, MN store, INdiGO, promises to bring to her customers.  The store, still under construction, will have 138 shelves of USDA certified organic groceries and home, hair and body products along with a built-in salon.  The construction at INdiGO is well under way, being built with natural flooring, non-toxic paint and hookups for an eco-friendly washer and dryer.  Now all Shelly Bartlett needs to do is open up a store in the Twin Cities…

About Marie Nelson

Marie has lived in Minnesota her whole life. She grew up in St. Louis Park, went to college at Hamline University, and studied in Costa Rica and Ecuador. These experiences ignited her passion for conservation both globally and locally. Marie enjoys camping, road trips, cross-country skiing, hiking and taking her kettlebell outside.
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