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Aftermath of Mining Creates Economic Opportunity

It is good that the environmental community is concerned about all the new mining proposals in the state and their implications to the environment.  A recent article from the Northland News Center caught my attention about what can happen in an old mine site if someone is industrious and creative.

A savvy economic entrepreneur, Kim Snell, leased 38 acres at the old LTV mine in Hoyt Lakes.
She formed a company, Stone by Design, and markets the taconite boulders and rocks at the mine for sale to people and projects wanting these products.

Ms. Snell provides boulders to safe harbor projects in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  When some rocks are cracked open, the quartz contained within is used for bar tops and kitchen counters.
Basically a rock harvester by trade, she especially appreciates the multi-colors of the mine rocks.

Her plans include using the rocks for yard, garden and home sculpture works.  90 percent of the companies’ product comes down to the Twin Cities for distribution to various outlets.

Ms. Snell deserves credit for finding a new economic use at an old mine site.  This is a great form of recycling and one can hope that more of this creative thinking will take place in the future.

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