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Fall 2012: Water Advocates Join Conservation Minnesota

Two nonprofits devoted to protection of our state’s lakes, rivers and natural resources, are now one organization as  Minnesota Waters, with its strong network of lakes associations, river stewardship groups, and a statewide membership, became part of Conservation Minnesota this summer.

Conservation Minnesota’s mission is to find practical solutions to the problems Minnesotans tell us are most important, and in the land of 10,000 lakes concerns about water quality are always at the top of the list.  Minnesota Waters’ members and the state’s lake associations have been working on the front lines to protect and restore our most cherished places.  They bring new strength to Conservation Minnesota.

We have been working as quickly as we can to make a smooth transition, sharing information and planning how to make sure we deliver the best service to our combined membership.

“Our two organizations have something very important in common, we are both focused on engaging people in protecting what we love most about Minnesota.” noted Lois Sinn Lindquist, Minnesota Waters Executive Director. “Today and tomorrow, our mission to promote responsible stewardship of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers continues.”

Welcome to the Conservation Minnesota Family!

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