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Legislators need to know about our conservation concerns

Sen. Greg Clausen conservation meet and greet with Apple Valley constituents on March 7th, 2017.

One of my responsibilities as the Southeast Metro Community Coordinator with Conservation Minnesota is to organize conservation and energy meet and greets with your state legislators. We want to provide our members with opportunities to talk with their leaders who make decisions about our land, air, and water. Elected officials need to hear from their constituents regarding conservation issues throughout Minnesota and in your community. Even our state’s conservation champions need to be informed about emerging problems and concerns or thanked for doing the right thing. Sitting down and having an informative and productive discussion really does go a long way when working together for the greater good of Minnesota’s natural resources.

Recently, I presented to southeast metro area high school students about activism and what they can do to make a difference. I stressed that activism isn’t just a show of numbers or yelling at someone who disagrees with you. Rather, to truly work with others and to find common ground you need to have cordial conversations and look to understand why someone might disagree with you. Activism can be meeting with your elected officials, writing a letter, or giving them a call about something that concerns you.

This isn’t just true for students – but it holds true for all of us. A few minutes of genuine learning and sharing can go a long way to building a good rapport.

We will continue to provide you with opportunities to meet with your elected officials as well as sound information about the legislative process and how your legislators vote on key conservation policies at the Capitol. And if you’re wondering about a topic we didn’t cover in a recent email, please visit our site

I hope that you will consider joining us at our next conservation meet and greet in your community. If you live in the southeast metro and want to discuss hosting a conservation meet and greet with your legislator, drop me a line! 612-767-1572 or

About Avery Hildebrand

Avery Hildebrand
Born in Minnesota, Hildebrand earned his degree in Environmental Science and Management from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. He has an extensive background in canvassing and organizing. An avid fisherman, who once worked as an aquatic invasive species watercraft inspector, his perfect day in Minnesota includes good friends and fishing, which pairs nicely with his favorite place in the state, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
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