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Precinct Caucus Night

Tonight is precinct caucus night in Minnesota and as an active party member I’d like to urge all Minnesotans to attend your respective caucus whether it be with the Republicans or Democrats. You can find your caucus location here:

Besides a variety of other tasks, one of the most important activities at precinct caucuses is passing resolutions. Resolutions can cover any topic. Not surprisingly, two topics that I’m advocating for refer to the environment.

In 2008 the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment was passed by an overwhelming majority of Minnesotans to protect Minnesota’s natural resources and arts. Not only has the legislature been backfilling budget cuts with this money (which is expressly forbidden), there has also been discussion about diverting these monies for a Vikings stadium. We need to make it clear that we don’t support either of these practices. Legacy funds should be used only for the outdoors and the arts and they should not be substituting other funding.

Another issue relates to public health and the environment. We must support policies that prohibit toxic chemicals in children’s products sold in Minnesota. This, in my opinion, is a no-brainer. Toxic chemicals are harming our health and our environment in Minnesota, and children are especially vulnerable. Most chemicals have not been tested and the federal government has not provided adequate leadership on this issue.

Obviously, there are many other environmental-related resolutions that will most likely be discussed and voted on tonight. Educate yourself and go out and join the discussion. Your voice needs to be heard.

Kristin Eggerling is a board member for Conservation Minnesota Voter Center, the mother of two, and a freelance writer in northwestern Minnesota. 

About Kristin Eggerling

Kristin Eggerling

Kristin Eggerling is the mother of two and a freelance writer in northwestern Minnesota. She most recently worked in the public health field as the administrator for Quin Community Health Services which serves the counties of Kittson, Marshall, Pennington, Red Lake and Roseau.

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