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Rolling in the Green

It makes sense that businesses are going green these days for a number of reasons. Some businesses go green in an attempt to boost their image in the public eye. Others because they know it’s important to their customers.   Some other companies are genuinely going green for the sake of good business.   Studies show that reducing a company’s carbon footprint can generate long-term shareholder value. Low carbon energy growth alone is expected to triple in size by 2020, according to HSBC Holdings. After all, there isn’t much future for a business that has depleted the planet’s resources. This year, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) sent out a questionnaire asking companies how climate change affects their business. CDP represents 551 investors around the world, with assets of more than $71 trillion, interested in good business with low carbon growth.

Interestingly enough, 81 percent or 404 companies of the Global 500 responded to the CDP’s questionnaire. The summary of replies shows some very good trends, such as 69 percent of global companies are integrating climate change initiatives into their overall business strategy, up nearly 20 percent over last year. The results were compiled into this report, which lends insight into how some companies are becoming more enlightened as a result of the global challenges we all are faced with today. The link is here.

About Paul Austin

Paul Austin
Paul Austin has 23 years of public service as an elected leader, advocate and political strategist, Paul Austin brings a rare combination of skills and experience to his position as Executive Director. At age 25, Paul was elected Mayor of Clinton, Connecticut – the youngest in state history. Paul has served as Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota since 2004.
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