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Spotlight: Sled Dogs to St. Paul

260 miles, 8 days, 1 musher with a message

Frank Moe loves northern Minnesota. Frank and his wife, Sherri live in Grand Marais, where he continues his 20-year career as a guide. Whether it’s canoeing in the Boundary Waters, sea kayaking on Lake Superior, introducing climbers to Carleton Peak, or leading a group of ice climbers up the Cascade River, each experience is gratifying. “Bringing new people to the places that I’ve visited all my life”, says Frank, “is like seeing them again for the first time, through the eyes of someone whose life may be transformed the way that mine was”.

Frank Moe also loves to teach. He worked at Bemidji State University for 10 years, running the Outdoor Program Center and introducing young people to environmental studies. His two terms as a state legislator were also spent teaching, helping colleagues from other parts of the state understand the unique heritage, economy, and needs of his northern Minnesota home.

There is one more thing you can’t miss when visiting Frank and Sherri in their small home on the edge of Superior National Forest. Frank Moe loves each and every one of his 38 sled dogs. He has been mushing and racing since 1999. But even when they don’t come in first, Frank and Sherri’s team often gets noticed. In a recent race, they won the Tom Cooley Award, given by the race veterinarians to the musher and handler with the best cared for team.

This week and next, Frank is combining his love of northern Minnesota, his love of teaching, and his love of sled dog racing. The result is a 260-mile adventure to raise awareness about sulfide mining pollution. The team of dogs that once delivered him across a frozen Lake Bemidji to announce his first bid for elected office is now being asked to deliver him from Grand Marais to the steps of the state capitol.

Frank’s goal when he arrives in St. Paul, and at stops along the way, is to let Minnesotans and their leaders know how sulfide mining pollution would change Minnesota forever – impacting the Boundary Waters, Lake Superior, and the economy of northern Minnesota. He points out that “most people aren’t aware that this new type of mining is nothing like traditional iron mining.” When iron is exposed to air and rain, you get rust. When sulfide ore is exposed to air and rain, you get sulfuric acid that contaminates ground water and can eliminate all life from the lakes and streams that it touches. “We have important choices to make that impact every Minnesotan,” said Frank. “The more people who have the facts and participate in these decisions, the better off we will all be.”

If you would like to follow Frank’s progress or see the team at one of the stops, Conservation Minnesota will be covering his trip and providing daily check-ins. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or on our website for the latest reports and photos.

Frank’s Stops:

March 1 – 11:30-12:30
Grand Marais Send-off
Harbor Park

March 3 – 9:00-11:00 AM
Finland Pancake Breakfast
Finland Community Center,6866 Cramer Road

March 4 – 3;00-4:00 PM
Duluth Rally
Lester Park, 61st Ave East & Superior Street

March 5 – 9:00-10:00 AM
Munger Inn Rally
7408 Grand Avenue, Duluth

March 8 – 10:30-11:30 AM
State Capitol Rally
St. Paul

Find event details here.
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I hope to make it to St. Paul. Have a safe trip and enjoy the ride. There is not better way to touch the Earth then with the paws of the dogs feet and the runners of the sled, protecting the earth is our duty. Protecting the North is becoming more and more difficult.

I hope the man that worried about pollution by a dog tean never used a toilet or tossed out plastic in him trash. or ever breathed air…..

Michael Promine says:

Nothing but no growth flat earth “i got mine” radical enviromentalist who has no education in geology or rock formations. Morons like this run on total speculation and fear mongering to push this agenda. His dogs will pollute more in this 260 mile trip. I hope we get 70 degree temps and all the snow melts.

Karen Kimbrough says:

Good to see you’re still fighting the good fight! Aidan and I are with you in spirit. Those dogs are beautiful, just like your heart. Let ’em know we love our wilderness!

Sue Nokleby says:

Good timing with the snow!

monica hansmeyer says:

Yea, the snow will fall for you and your team and your mission. thanks!!

Good luck TEAM MOE!!! Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your support team and those blessed dogs!

See you in St. Paul on March 8th!!!

Beth Peterson,
St. Paul, MN