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Spotlight: Your Ideas & Opinions Make Us Strong

The Great Outdoors defines life in Minnesota. It is where many of our most cherished memories are created with family and friends. When you ask Minnesotans for their ideas about protecting our lakes, lands and way of life, their answers are as numerous and diverse as the outdoor activities we cherish.

Recently we asked followers of our Facebook page, “If you could change just one thing in Minnesota around conservation issues, what would it be?”  So far, there has been great diversity in the answers.

One person thinks there are too many trails for all terrain vehicles, another thinks there are not enough.  The use and preservation of public lands were brought up by a couple of people, and we had one vote for a closer look at septic systems and another for controlling aquatic invasive species.  But the one general focus area that seemed to get the most attention was land usage as it pertains to agricultural issues.  Expanding agricultural acreage has raised concerns about the increased need for protections of the land and water to be built into ongoing farm policy.

This diversity of topics shows what we have long known about our members. There are many topics that pique your various interests, and we want to help you address them as best we can.  You make Conservation Minnesota uniquely effective by helping us choose and solve the conservation priorities that are most important to Minnesotans. Your biggest opportunity to help shape and guide our work is right around the corner.

In coming weeks, we will be sending out our annual issue survey.  If you received this email, you will also be getting the survey. If you know someone who might not be on our list who has an opinion you think we should hear, encourage them to go to our website and join our network.  It doesn’t cost a dime (although donations are always graciously accepted).

When your survey arrives, please take a moment to fill it out.  The input we gather form it is an invaluable resource when it comes to plotting our strategies moving forward.  We certainly can’t work on every last conservation issue that everyone puts forward, but we use this survey to see what issues interest members like you the most.

And if you just can’t wait to get this conversation going, please stop by our Facebookpage and share your thoughts.   With your assistance, we will be able to help plot our course for the coming year and ensure that we are fulfilling our mission to solve the conservation priorities that are most important to Minnesotans.

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