Conservation Minnesota

Summer 2012: Real Accountability in Real Time

Life is busy. It’s hard to follow your legislators’ decisions to know if they are protecting the Minnesota you love.  Until now!

Conservation Minnesota tracks conservation issues at the Capitol and is putting the information in a new easy-to-use tool.  Deciding for yourself has never been so simple!  From committee actions to floor votes to speeches and news reports, it’s all part of

The information is personalized for your area of the state.  Start by entering your address. will find your elected representatives for you.  Then click on your state senator or your state representative to see how they have voted on the issues that matter to you.  The descriptions are all easy to understand.

Sharing with friends and neighbors or telling your representatives what you think is just a click away. You can also get information on the Governor’s decisions that impact our state’s natural resources. makes it simple for you to find out what your elected leaders are doing about conservation issues that affect you and your family.

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