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The Uniqueness of Spring

Spring-WoodsWith each spring I am reminded of the pure joy of being outdoors.  Nothing compares to the grand thaw that is the Midwestern spring season.  Everyone has their favorite hailing moment that, for them, serves as a harbinger of spring: that first day out on the deck, or the first time you leave your home windows open during a rainstorm.  For me, it’s the first time I see a budding tree or bush, right before the lime green haze of small leaves covers the neighborhood tree canopy.

Each year that I see the buds begin to form on the trees I am reminded of what a privilege it is to live in Minnesota.  With every winter comes the blues, those pervasive fantasies of living somewhere warm and temperate.   With every winter comes the hardship associated with snow, sub zero temperatures and limited daylight.   And with every winter Minnesotan’s continue to thrive, putting winter tires on bikes, pulling out cross-country skis, snowshoes, ice fishing tents, and firewood.

For me, our four distinct seasons are a large part of what make Minnesota such a unique place to live.  I love following the natural rhythms of each year and I love the seasonal excitement that comes with every change in the weather.  I love how in tune Minnesotan’s are with our climate.  And as much as I love spring and summer, I also adore the first fall chill and the bitter onset of winter cold.

As spring settles in, I’d like to ask: what makes you thankful?  What about our varied and diverse state makes you glad to be a part of the Minnesotan community?

About India Waller

India Waller

One of the newest additions to the Conservation Minnesota family, India Waller is a community coordinator in the east metro area.  She works with community leaders and Conservation Minnesota members to help protect the Minnesota they love.  Born in Minneapolis, she attended college at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin before returning to the Twin Cities, currently residing in Shorewood.  A perfect day for India involves yoga, her five dogs and a strong cup of coffee, and as for her favored location, the shoreline of Lake Superior tops her list.

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