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What I Learned At The Edina Home Energy Fair

Energy policy continues to be a hot button topic in Edina, which is one of the big reasons I decided to attend Edina’s first annual Home Energy Fair on Saturday, October 7th.

The fair was a joint project between the City of Edina and Xcel Energy, and it was held with a focus on connecting Edina homeowners with resources, organizations, and programs that could help them save energy and money.

This event was put on as part of the City of Edina’s Energy Action Plan that was rolled out in the beginning of 2017. The plan has the stated goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2025 through a variety of means, with increasing energy efficiency among the city’s residents as one of its three major focus areas.

The good news is that the event itself was a huge success. Over 140 Edina residents showed up over the course of the day to learn about all sorts of ways they could invest in renewable energy; increase the energy efficiency of their homes; and subscribed to renewable sources of energy like Xcel’s Windsource program. In addition, there were representatives from a variety of other groups working on conservation related issues, including the growing problem of chloride pollution in water bodies like Edina’s own Nine Mile Creek from using too much road salt in the winter.

In addition to being a great opportunity for Edina residents to learn more about the city’s Energy Action Plan and programs available to help this city reach its new energy goals, this event was also a great networking opportunity for people who want to get more involved in these sorts of efforts. In fact, I was able to talk to around seven different people I had run into in my past work in Edina on other projects. Not only was it great to catch up with these folks, but it was also a great opportunity to learn what other possible efforts related to energy and environmental conservation were on the horizon for Edina to tackle next.

In other words, by going to this event, I didn’t just have a chance to learn about all the great work around energy that has been going on in Edina, but I also had a chance to learn about the great work around energy that Edina will be taking up in the future. I can’t wait to get started!

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John Anderson
John Anderson has a name that screams Minnesotan (despite the fact that he was born in Berkley, California). His resume includes a stint as a census worker that allowed him to learn a great deal about the way people choose to interact with the government. Anderson serves as Regional Manager in the west metro. In this role he works with community leaders and people who want to protect Minnesota’s Great Outdoors throughout the region. A 2006 graduate of Northwestern University, a day spent riding his bike in Minnehaha Park is his version of perfection.
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