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Join Your Local Community Conservation Team!

Minnesotans have a proud history of protecting our water and wild places. As I’ve traveled throughout northeastern Minnesota, people have made it very clear they want to leave a legacy of clean water, clean air, and plenty of wild space to roam for future generations.

As we work toward public policy that protects our water, improves air quality, and preserves our most cherished wild places, Conservation Minnesota and Audubon Minnesota understands the most important thing we can do to accomplish conservation goals is to elevate the voices of local people and help address local conservation issues.

That’s why we are focused on creating Community Conservation Teams (CCTs) all over Minnesota.

Over the past year, people just like you have been coming together because they want to pass their experiences, traditions, and conservation values on to future generations. They want to be good stewards of our land and lakes, and we want to help ensure this has a voice.

So, what is a Community Conservation Team? Teams are formed by people who want to help achieve shared conservation goals. These teams will play a critical role in keeping our members, community leaders, and residents informed about key issues. They will engage with their community members with opportunities to have a positive impact on state and local conservations decisions and efforts. Community Conservation Teams are a key resource in expanding the number of Minnesotans taking positive steps to protect the people and places we love.

Here are some examples of what Community Conservation Teams can accomplish:

  • Organize local events, presentations, and informational sessions
  • Build relationships with City Council members, Mayors, County Board Members, Energy Commission members, Conservation or Water Board members, State Legislators, and Congressional members in order to influence the decision making process on conservation issues.
  • Engage with other local organizations to support shared conservation values and strengthen local efforts
  • Expand local membership and engagement
  • Hold meetings to plan community activities and address local concerns
  • Elevate and join your voice with others in your town.

The activities of local Community Conservation Teams are supported by Conservation Minnesota and Audubon Minnesota staff. The main point of contact between local Teams and statewide staff and efforts is your area Community Coordinator…. me! I have already met with several folks in northeastern Minnesota who are ready to start teams. The excitement is building and we’re ready to go.

If you are ready to influence public conservation policy, have a desire to share your experience and skills, or are ready to shape the future of your community for generations to come, then please consider joining your local Community Conservation Team. Watch for emails announcing meetings in your area, or feel free to contact me directly to help plan by email or at 218-626-7273.

Together, we can protect the Minnesota we all love.

About Jackie Halberg

Jackie Halberg
With the connections Jackie Halberg has created throughout Northeast Minnesota working in politics, it seems only natural that she be the face of Conservation Minnesota for the region. She will be serving as the community coordinator for Northeast Minnesota, which means she will be working with community leaders and people who want to protect Minnesota’s Great Outdoors throughout the region.
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