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Media Statement: Rochester Mayor Applauded for 100% Renewable Goal

The following is a statement from Paul Austin, Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota, on last night’s announcement by Rochester Mayor Ardele Brede that the city will strive to attain 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2031.

Mayors across the state should stand up and take notice of Monday’s proclamation from Rochester Mayor Ardele Brede that the city will do everything within its power to break its dependence on non-renewable energy sources by the year 2031”

It is estimated that one third of all carbon dioxide emissions in the state are created as a byproduct of burning coal to create electricity. Our current pollution problems have been linked to increased rates of heart disease and asthma among Minnesotans, and the added mercury in our lakes have brought the safety of eating fish from many of our famed 10,000 lakes into question.

We applaud the vision set forth by Mayor Brede and Rochester city leaders, and we look forward to helping in any way possible to achieve this ambitious goal. This inspiring and pragmatic step will improve the health of Minnesota’s citizens and our local economy.”  

MORE INFO: For a copy of the Mayor’s proclamation or to set up an interview with Paul Austin, please contact Nate Dybvig.

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