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Spring 2016 Newsletter: Renewables First

Today, wind energy is the cheapest form of energy to produce in Minnesota, and year after year, wind and solar technologies are continuing to improve. Over the next 25 years, Minnesota has a tremendous opportunity to reduce pollution and contain electricity costs because most of our traditional power facilities will either need to be replaced or updated during that period.

22436652279_8109282c92_oConservation Minnesota is supporting a bill that would require electric utilities to choose low cost renewable energy sources first when making new energy investments. Investments in fossil fuels would only be allowed in cases where renewables are either not cost effective or are not technically feasible to meet the need for reliable power.

In addition, Xcel Energy is the only utility currently required to reach 30% renewable energy. We are supporting legislation to allow Minnesota communities outside of Xcel Energy’s service areas the option to increase the renewable energy provided to their residents from 25% to 30% by the year 2025.

Conservation Minnesota members, like you, can play an important role in moving these issues and others forward at the Capitol. You can visit our Action Center for opportunities to get involved.

Last year, Conservation Minnesota members sent over 25,000 messages to state leaders. This year we would like to send even more. Your support is critical to this success!

Working together we can protect the Minnesota you love.

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