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Winter 2016 Newsletter: Ringing in the New Year?

If your family is like mine, you may be just starting to get into the winter holiday spirit. But at Conservation Minnesota, we are reading all the issue surveys our members have sent in and starting to plan for January when the state legislature gets back to work!

Every year thousands of Minnesotans tell us that clean water is their most important conservation issue. You have also made it clear that the goal for our water can’t be “less dirty”. The goal is for our waters to be clean and safe. That is why we have introduced legislation with bipartisan support called Clean Water 2050. This legislation will require adequate testing of our lakes and rivers by 2020, ensure all drinking water meets state and federal standards by 2025, and make all lakes, rivers and streams swimmable and fishable by 2050.

This year we will also continue our work to advance clean energy policies that create jobs, reduce our dependence on imported coal, and ensure we are prepared for a clean energy future. Last year we introduced “Clean Energy First”. This law would require that as Minnesota’s power plants approach major repairs or retirement, they must be replaced with clean energy like wind and solar any time it is cost effective and reliable. Electric utilities plan well into the future so it’s imperative we plan for the future now.

Thank you in advance for working with us on these important initiatives. You can count on Conservation Minnesota to take your opinions and craft them into meaningful opportunities to protect the Minnesota you love.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

-Paul Austin, Executive Director

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