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Summer 2017 Newsletter: Efficiency Tips

Ever wonder why some rooms in your home are blazing hot in the summer? Looking for ways to cut costs while staying cool? By making your home more efficient, you can avoid wasting both money and energy, and benefit from a more comfortable living space.

We all know insulation matters in cold Minnesota winters — but even during the summer, uncomfortable room temperatures are often due to lack of insulation and air sealing. For some DIY solutions, try these energy saving tips to keep cool:

  • Close your blinds or curtains during the day to reflect heat away from the house.
  • Open your windows at night to let in cooler air.
  • Use fans only when you are in the room – fans cool people, not rooms!
  • Check out Xcel Energy’s “Saver’s Switch” program to receive annual savings on your electric bill.

Twin City metro residents might also consider scheduling a visit with the Home Energy Squad. In addition to checking out your home’s insulation and air sealing, a Home Energy Squad visit can tell you a lot about your home’s energy efficiency. During the $100 visit, a team of energy consultants will:

  • install energy-saving materials that may include door weather stripping, LED lightbulbs, showerheads, faucet aerators, and a programmable thermostat (depending on your needs);
  • measure your home for air leaks with a blower door test;
  • inspect your insulation with an infrared camera; and
  • safety check your home’s heating system and water heater.

Home Energy Squad is provided by CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy, and delivered by Minnesota nonprofit Center for Energy and Environment. Enjoy your summer and join more than 35,000 metro-area households who have increased their comfort and energy savings thanks to DIY efficiency and Home Energy Squad. More information at 651-328-6220 or

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