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Winter 2017 Newsletter: Holiday energy savings

This holiday season try decorating by using minimal light strings. By decorating with other objects, you’ll be able to conserve energy.

Softly lit Christmas trees. Twinkle lights sparkling in the windows. Large outdoor displays enchanting passersby. Now is the time to think about how you can conserve energy while enjoying all the holiday season has to offer.

Many websites and articles share ways to cut down your holiday energy use. For example, gives Christmas light recommendations including:

  • Buying LED lights – they use nearly 70% less energy, are brighter, and last 10 times longer than normal bulbs.
  • Finding a way to limit the hourly usage of your holiday lights. Use a timer and you can choose when your lights go on and off. Try turning them on when the sun goes down and off around bedtime.

For those who have a Christmas tree, Direct Energy recommends making the tree the main source of light in the room. With light from only the tree, you will be able to enjoy it more and save on energy in the room.

A few other tips that can help limit energy usage this holiday season:

  • Combine trips when running errands as a way to use less fuel.[i]
  • When cooking the holiday meal or baking treats, use smaller appliances and reserve the oven for larger items. [ii]
  • Heading out of town during the holiday? Unplug electronics to save energy while you’re away. [iii]

We hope these tips can help you save during the next few weeks. For more tips, visit, Direct Energy, or other energy websites.




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