Conservation Minnesota

Winter 2017 Newsletter: Leading through a pivotal time

It wasn’t that long ago that conservation and protecting the environment were bipartisan priorities at the Minnesota Legislature and in the U.S. Congress. In fact, every major state or federal advancement of policy that protects our air and water has been made with bipartisan support. Today, the politics of our state and nation are divided like never before. But the shared values that unite Minnesotans are still strong.

Conservation Minnesota understands that we are at a pivotal moment. Since before I started working here 13 years ago, this organization has been committed to bringing Minnesotans together to solve our most important conservation challenges, and protect our outdoor legacy for future generations.

We were excited to bring Frederic Rich’s message of bipartisanship to Minnesota and it was wonderful that so many of you were able to join us on October 30th. To learn more about the event you can read the article in this newsletter and listen to Minnesota Public Radio’s broadcast of the event at

As our team begins to plan for 2018 and beyond, we’ll be looking for common sense initiatives and policies that reflect the shared values that bring us together as Minnesotans; working together, innovation, stewardship, and building healthy, prosperous communities in every corner of our state. We’ve also been asking you what conservation issues matter most to you and your family.

We’ll continue to grow our work in communities across Minnesota. As Mr. Rich said, “When we do those things locally, we start to build bridges between the right and the left.” Our Regional Managers are already delivering conservation progress in communities every day, and as our network continues to grow we can do even more for conservation.

I look forward to working together to protect the Minnesota we all love.

Paul Austin
Executive Director

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