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Winter 2017 Newsletter: Xcel’s Clean Energy Vision

Photo: MPCA

In a recent Minnesota Public Utilities Commission meeting, Xcel Energy CEO Ben Fowke outlined a nation leading clean energy vision for his company and their customers in Minnesota. According to Fowke, Xcel will get 60% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. In the same timeframe, 85% of their energy will be carbon free. This represents an 80% reduction in carbon pollution for Xcel’s Minnesota customers since 2005.

This vision may be just the beginning. With the rapid evolution of new technologies and dropping prices of renewable energy, it may be possible to push past these goals just as Xcel has exceeded Minnesota’s current Renewable Energy Standard.

In addition to reducing pollution that affects the health of Minnesotans, clean energy has become an economic driver for our state, supporting over 50,000 jobs and bringing economic opportunity and prosperity to many of our communities.

We look forward to working with Xcel to maximize the benefits of clean energy for all Minnesotans.

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