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Choosing Priorities Together

The following is an email sent to members of Minnesota Waters….

Dear Minnesota Waters Members,

Here is one of the questions I have been asked about the new Minnesota Waters program at Conservation Minnesota. How can Minnesota Waters members be sure that the challenges and issues that the organization takes on will be the right ones? The answer is simple. You can help make the decision. In fact, we’re counting on it.

At Conservation Minnesota, our mission is protecting the Minnesota you love. That means working to solve the conservation problems that are most important to you. As a key part of setting priorities each year, we ask thousands of Minnesotans to tell us the most important issues to address. Then our board and staff use your ideas and input to plan our programs.

Later this fall, we will ask all of our Minnesota Waters members to help us make decisions by taking a short survey on water quality issues. Whether its finding solutions for the invasive species crisis, pushing for improved shore land rules, or any other issue…you will have your say. But you don’t have to wait until then to get started. I would love to hear your ideas and concerns so that we can get a jumpstart on these important decisions.

You can write me. I look forward to working together.

Enjoy the summer!
Paul Austin
Executive Director 

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About Paul Austin

Paul Austin

Paul Austin has 23 years of public service as an elected leader, advocate and political strategist, Paul Austin brings a rare combination of skills and experience to his position as Executive Director. At age 25, Paul was elected Mayor of Clinton, Connecticut – the youngest in state history. Paul has served as Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota since 2004.

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