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Spring 2017 Newsletter: A Chance to Work Together

Partisan division doesn’t have to result in political stalemates this legislative session. That’s why Conservation Minnesota is focusing on what brings us together as Minnesotans. When we talk to our members, we always hear about the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations. This year, our elected officials have a great opportunity to come together around this value to build prosperous communities while protecting the places we love.

Our entire state can unite to support Governor Dayton’s goal to reduce water pollution 25% by the year 2025. There are important steps the legislature can take today to make this goal a reality. An item that remains undone from Minnesota’s last legislative session is the passage of a bonding package that would fund clean water infrastructure projects that will create jobs in greater Minnesota and clean up our polluted water.

Additionally, making new commitments to clean energy will have all the traditional benefits while helping to create vibrant communities throughout Minnesota. Conservation Minnesota is working to improve upon our successful Renewable Energy laws to add thousands more good-paying, clean energy jobs across Greater Minnesota and protect our air and water at the same time.

Conservation Minnesota members, like you, play an important role in moving these issues and values forward at the Capitol. A few weeks ago, you may have received a letter from me with a postcard to your legislators. If you have already returned it, thank you! If you haven’t yet, there’s still time. You can also visit for more opportunities to make a difference.  Last year, Conservation Minnesota members sent over 45,000 messages to state leaders. This year, your help is more important than ever!

Working together we can protect the Minnesota you love.


Paul Austin

P.S. How do your legislators vote on key conservation issues? Find out at

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