Conservation Minnesota

Spring 2017 Newsletter: Improving Minnesota’s Water Quality

Minnesotans always tell us that clean water is a top priority. Here are three important things state leaders can do this year to make sure future generations of Minnesotans have clean lakes and drinking water.

  1. Support Governor Dayton’s call to set a statewide goal to reduce water pollution 25% by the year 2025. This would be a big first step towards fulfilling Conservation Minnesota’s “Clean Water Promise” of having all our waters meet state standards by 2050.
  2. Finish last year’s work by passing a bonding bill that includes: funding for water infrastructure like water treatment facilities for our communities; funding for the voluntary Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) that helps farmers permanently protect sensitive lands around wetlands, buffers, and drinking water; and funding to clean up polluted sediment in the St. Louis River.
  3. Provide funding for greater Minnesota communities to clean up dozens of construction landfills that are currently polluting ground water.

Please let your elected leaders know that clean water is a priority for you. We’ve made connecting with your leaders easy, visit the action center on our website for simple instructions. Working together, we can find common sense solutions that protect and preserve Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and water resources.

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