Conservation Minnesota

Spring 2015 Newsletter: Meet The Community Coordinators

Metro-Organizers-2-for-webAt Conservation Minnesota, our mission is to solve the conservation problems that are most important to Minnesotans like you.  As our statewide network grows, it is important to build stronger connections to the people and communities we serve.  In the past year we have added a new team of five Community Coordinators working in regions that cover more than half the state. Each coordinator is charged with reaching out to you, our members, and local leaders to understand community concerns, build support for solutions, and provide simple and effective opportunities for you to make a difference.  We hope you will get to know the Community Coordinator in your area:

Please don’t hesitate to contact the coordinator in your region.  If no one has yet been assigned to your area, you are always welcome to contact our main office with your questions by emailing our info account.

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